Sunday, October 3, 2010

The 7 Most Incredible Crime Sprees Carried Out by Animals: #5. Oscar the Fetishist Kleptomaniac Cat

Oscar, a cat in Southampton in the UK, began his life of crime at an early age stealing unimportant items that were unlikely to be missed -- a random sock, a garden glove, a late-period Picasso. But as he progressed into adulthood, his tastes became more refined. He now specializes almost exclusively in lingerie.

Developing a penchant for girls underwear, Oscar began prowling the washing lines of unsuspecting students living in his area, bringing home all sorts of unmentionables. According to his owners, on a good day he can bring back 10 items. Oddly enough, they appear more impressed than alarmed by Oscar's problem, remarking on the lengths their cat goes through to bring them "presents." "We can't give him back now as he makes such an effort with all these gifts. He's got a lovely personality and is a very loving cat," said Birgitt Weismantel, 56, who has also adopted a paranoid-schizophrenic iguana and the guy who shot Ronald Reagan.

Oscar's owners did have the decency to at least phone police and neighbors and let them know it wasn't some perverted guy stealing their undies; it was only a perverted cat who may or may not be masturbating to them.


  1. Yo, love this blog, but the black on blue text is pretty tough to make out, bro... can you make it a little easier to read?

  2. Do these people hang their underwear outside or something or keep them where even a cat can get to?