Sunday, October 3, 2010

The 7 Most Incredible Crime Sprees Carried Out by Animals: #2. Red the Dog and His Debauched Clandestine Parties

Red is a lurcher who lives at the Battersea Dogs Home in London. Within a few weeks of his arrival, strange things started happening there, with staff arriving every morning to find the rooms strewn with food and piss. Either that the dogs were somehow sneaking out of their kennels, or Keith Richards was stopping by at night.
After enduring this routine for a couple of weeks, the keepers enlisted the help of a local company to install cameras to record the nightly antics of the pooches, either to find out how they were getting out, or out of a suspicion that whatever they found would be hilarious.

What they saw was newcomer Red using his nose and teeth to open the latch of his kennel ...

... and then repeating the same procedure on the kennel of his best pal, Lucky.
The pair then patrolled the room, deciding which of their fellow canines were cool enough to come to their parties (which involved up to nine other dogs). The rest would look on in impotence and pretend they didn't even want to get invited.
In the middle of the celebration, Red would sneak away and take his girlfriend to his room for some private time.

Trying to turn Red's outrageous behavior into something positive, a spokeswoman for the dog home remarked that lurchers aren't usually known for their intelligence and that Red is remarkably inquisitive and easy to train.

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